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Proper installation is vital for a cost effective fire system. We believe that attention to detail benefits the installation process, as well as the overall longevity of the system. Proper installation saves lives, time, and money. With our experienced installation specialists you will have less maintenance cost, lowering your future expenditures.

Our company is proud of its reputation for quality work and its experienced installation workforce. We can meet the demands of unusual site work, difficult installation circumstances, and challenging retrofit installations. We are recognized as an industry leader whose work is reliable and who meets design specifications and deadlines. We recognize the need to complete retrofit work with very little disruption of the company's business, and have crews available to work during off-hours or under other special circumstances.

We have experience with all types of sprinkler systems (both residential and commercial) as well as special hazard, standpipes and fire pump systems.

To maintain this high level of skill and experience, the company supports an approved apprenticeship program, provides on-going safety and fire protection training programs for field staff, and remains a leader in meeting changing industry standards.

The company invests in the most up-to-date tools and handling equipment to minimize installation time, and maintains a fleet of vehicles to get the job done.


Dynamic Piping Co., Inc. believes that workplace safety isn't just having a safety program and a track record free of major incidents. Instead, Dynamic Piping continually focuses on maintaining a safe workplace as a critical component of the safety process.

Newly hired employees complete a Safety Orientation program and are tested before they are assigned to work. Weekly Safety Toolbox Talks are mandatory for all field and technical personnel.

Dynamic Piping Company maintains a Drug Free Workplace, with mandatory pre-employment and workplace incident drug screening closely monitored.