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Fire Pump Testing
Dynamic Piping is available to preform you annual fire pump test.
Per NFPA, fire pumps shall be performance tested annually.  This is where water is discharged through orifices to calculate the net performance of the fire pump.  Performance readings are recorded at no water flow, 100% of rated flow, and 150% of rated flow. 
Only the best equipment.
We use only certified calibrated equipment to obtain more accurate results.  We also use specialized discharge devices to disperse the flowing water to prevent damage or erosion
Trained technicians
Our technicians are properly trained in fire pump testing and procedures.  We strive to provide the most accurate fire pump test results.
NFPA also requires weekly non-flow testing of diesel fire pumps and monthly non-flow testing of electric fire pumps.  This is where the fire pump is started and ran under churn conditions.  Proper documentation of all tests is required.
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